The kids with their "Oscars"

Chatsworth International School had their first Film Festival last night, and it was a super evening, not far off the glamour of the Oscars. Children from the Early Years and Primary Years Programs could enter a 2 minute film which they had to produce themselves. Adult assistance was OK for editing and post-production, but everything else had to be from the children. There were 44 films in total, and all were screened last night to a packed house of parents, siblings and friends.

As this was a special event, everyone had to look as chic as possible, and there was an award for the best dressed student as well as the best dressed man and woman. Unfortunately I didn't win this honour; I must have been hiding when the roving Violet did her rounds hehe.

The film makers made their entrance down the red carpet as we all flashed our cameras at them like the paparazzi. The kids looked wonderful all dressed up; some boys were wearing suits and ties with hair gelled back while the girls wore pink lipstick, glittery shawls and gold sandals.

There were winners for best comedy, best doco, best entertainment as well best screen play, best sound effects, most creative, best edited and most Classic Film. There were many proud parent moments, and it was wonderful watching so much creativity and enthusiasm from the children as well as from the wonderful teachers and staff at Chatsworth.

Maya made a film with her friends called The Haunted Sleepover. The making of this film was hilarious, with the father of one friend and I driving them around Singapore to various locations to get the shots they wanted. The funniest was the end shot when they wake up on the floor in Cold Storage. People thought they were crazy in their sleeping bags amongst the fruit and veges, but the shot worked.

Ben made a film with his best friend Devi and his little brother Marlon called Fighting Diamonds. This progressed from being an Indiana Jones style adventure to a beautiful story with a good message; its better to be friends than enemies. Their film won best editing as well as best sound effects! Ben had to run up to the stage twice to receive his 'Oscar' and say 'Thank you mummies and daddies' into the microphone. Little Marlon stood there nibbling his statue, and then their moment was over. Ben was thrilled with his prizes, although I think Maya was a little peeved. All participating children received an "Oscar" so no one went home empty handed.


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