Cat nap for Tapioca

Inspired by the beautiful cat portraits at blog Photojournalist, and being a lazy Sunday evening, I decided to post this photo of our cat Tapioca. As you can see she is a very lazy and relaxed cat, although she does have a history. She is not officially our cat, we didn't buy her or adopt her, rather she has adopted us.

Tapioca belonged to a French family living across the street when we moved to Singapore, and a few months later they returned to France. Their neighbour Jane, a single woman living a few doors up from us, said she would take over Tapioca's care, although Tapioca was very temperamental and Jane's hands and arms were covered in scratches. We think she must have been badly treated at some stage to be so jumpy around people.

Sadly, Jane died that year and Tapioca was homeless once more. Another neighbour took over feeding duties, but Tapioca has a mind of her own and decided she liked our place better. We were weary of her at first, especially with the children, as she would lash out for no good reason and leave a good scratch. But as we started feeding her she gradually calmed down and is actually very affectionate and loves a good cuddle. Ben still doesn't go near her and either does hubby, but she is always around at mealtimes and then disappears to one or other of her sleeping spots.

She still lashes out every now and again and is thrown outside in disgrace, but generally I love having her around and so do the kids (hubby still not so keen). She sometimes lies between me and the laptop as I type away, which makes it very difficult to get my fingers to the keys. She follows me around if she is hungry and I now know her habits rather well.


Jinghui said... @ May 3, 2009 at 10:23 AM

Tapioca has a fiery character, based from her history, nevertheless, she still has a soft spot in her. Maybe she has more wild cats genetics :)

I love this pose, put a pillow and bolster for Tapioca and let her sleep with it, Tapioca would probably be thinking "I am not a cat"

Looking foward to see more cat photos especially Tapioca !


Milly said... @ May 4, 2009 at 2:52 AM

Thanks for the comment Jinghui. Yes, Tapioca is fiery but I think she has mellowed with age. I will try to snap her again for you!

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