I am so looking forward to the school holidays when I can spend some extended time with my family. Even though we have lived here for over three years there are still many things we haven't managed to do, or did when we first arrived and haven't managed to get back to.

One such place is Pulau Ubin. We took the little bum boat over there not long after we arrived in Singapore and the experience has stayed with us. It is a special place in a city state that prides itself on being cutting edge. Laid back and relaxed, it is an authentic kampong experience that is rare in Singapore. Hire some bikes, eat some tasty seafood, take a walk and breath the fresh air.

Another thing I want to do is the DuckTour. Okay, it may be a little touristy, but I think a
60 minute tour on an amphibious bus/boat would be a great way to see the city. And how about the new Rhino Tour, which is equipped with laptop, projector, 2 LCD screens and a large 5 ft drop screen. It is a mobile auditorium with theatre-like seating arrangement for an unobstructed view. Not sure how much of the city I would see with all that technology, but the kids would find it cool I'm sure.

I would also love to take everyone on the Singapore Flyer again. I did it months back, but hubby has never had the time and it will be interesting to see how the view of the casino/resorts is changing. It is a fun experience anyway, and can be incorporated into a family day out around town.

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ann thomas :: said... @ May 13, 2009 at 6:26 PM

DuckTours, touristy, yup. Hahah, but even being a native Singaporean, I'm tempted to get on one of those fun rides everytime they pass by me on the streets!

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