Heavens, it has been such a busy week I haven't managed to blog for 5 days! I start to get withdrawal symptoms f I don't write something after a few days, so I'd better let you know what's been happening.

What has been taking up a lot of energy is preparation for Ben's 6th birthday party. We tried to keep it as simple as possible but there are still a million little things to think about. He had a combined party with his best buddy Devi on Friday at the Futsal Pitches at East Coast Park. I had never visited this place before, but it is an excellent venue for a party if your children love football.

There are four indoor FIFA approved sized artificial turf pitches here and we booked one for two hours, although the kids carried on playing in the pitch for another hour or more as it wasn't booked after us. It was very relaxed, the staff were friendly and helpful, providing us with tables and chairs and they really just left us to ourselves.

We hired a coach for an hour and this was a great plan as the kids were kept busy doing some games and exercises with balls and then playing a match. Afterwards the dads got active and kicked the ball around, and so the kids didn't stop.

We had two identical Smiling Orchid Football cakes, one for Devi, one for Ben. Both were 1kg cakes and even with 20+ children and parents there was plenty of cake left, and many had seconds as it was so tasty and they were famished after all that football.

The good thing about the futsal pitches is that they are totally covered, so there's no worries about sunburn. It's still hot of course, but there was a lovely breeze at East Coast on Friday (something we don't get at Holland Village) which made things bearable. There is also a carpark (C 4) right next door and the beach is directly behind.

It is also very inexpensive. We managed to get a special student rate of SG$50 for the 2 hours before 6pm (we booked 4pm-6pm) on a weekday. This is excellent and all we had to do was provide food and plenty of water (which we ran out of).

The only downside was that the kids were FILTHY afterwards. Peeling off Ben's socks there was a distinct line; his legs were painted black like a black and white minstrel! It was nothing a good scrub couldn't wash off though right before he flopped into bed.

If you are interested in hiring coach, call Tommy on 65 91895445

Futsal at Sports Planet
1018 East Coast Road, next to Burger King

Car Park C4
65 93266635


Dominique said... @ June 8, 2009 at 3:46 PM

Happy Birthday to Ben :) Whao...kids really grow up very fast.

Cathy West said... @ June 9, 2009 at 5:55 AM

What a fab idea Milly!!!! and so reasonable! That's where I used to play Futsal on a Tuesday night. ESPZEN have a huge women's league running that seems to be growing every season. It's a bit of a hike out there - but after a great game, it's well worth the trip.
Cathy :O)

Ruth said... @ August 30, 2009 at 11:19 PM

How much does Tommy charge?

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