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Are you a mother of toddlers who sometimes feels that you are battling the day to day tasks of raising happy children all alone? Doesn't it make life with small children so much easier when you have some like minded mothers to chat to, exchange tips and learn from? We all know that we humans thrive on social interaction and this is especially true when you are a young mother.

When my children were little my favourite time of the week was the couple of hours when the mums living in my area would get together to chat while the kids played. It is wonderful to exchange stories, compare kids, pass on information about the latest bargains, sleeping habits and eating habits. It is important to have somewhere where you can have a good whinge and feel supported and not judged because everyone is feeling similar emotions. And sometimes we would even find something other than our children to talk about!

Playgroups are such a valuable experience for new mums, not to mention the positive effects for the toddlers. But sometimes it isn't easy finding available like-minded mums to get together with, especially if you are new to an area. Luckily there are lots of on-line communities that you can join to ask questions and learn from other mums as well as some fantastic websites full of relevant information.

One place where you can find meet-up with other mums and toddlers is the Singapore Active Toddler Playgroup page of the Meet Up Site. This particular group is for "like minded moms who have very active toddlers that like to play outside, go swimming, go to the park, check out museums, basically explore new places to play in Singapore." This group is full at the moment, but it's worth registering and waiting for an opening. Or there links to other groups which sound equally rewarding.

Moms-on-a-mission Playgroup Meetup Group, created by Dipa Swaminathan is for "like minded moms out there who want to find good playmates and worthwhile activities for their children, while at the same time explore opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to society." Or how about Groovy Kids group, organised by Aarti, who lives in a "spacious black and white bungalow (with a pool) so lots of fun activities can be arranged for the kids with a little help from other moms- like swimming, gardening, bike riding. Indoor activities like painting, reading, as well as free play. (Mothers participation is optional but encouraged)". This sounds like heaven for kids and parents!

I wish it had been this easy to meet like minded mums in my day. It is wonderful that people are generous enough to open their house to strangers, and it is this kind of hospitality that is so appreciated by others with young children. Take the plunge and contact whichever group resonates with you and enjoy these precious days with your children.


Baby care said... @ June 4, 2009 at 12:53 AM

this is really good, not only the mothers get time for them selves, but the kids get a chance to make new friends and know other people.

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