One of the decorated bum boats

My mother is visiting from Australia and so we have had a busy weekend with her. I was performing in the Dance Campfire on Saturday night so it was a perfect opportunity for mum and the kids (hubby is away) to enjoy a night of dancing and absorb the atmosphere of the Singapore River Festival. There was a small but enthusiastic audience for the Campfire which happened on the lawn outside the beautiful Arts House. The kids were engrossed with the different dance groups, ranging from hip hop, salsa, traditional Indian and of course Spanish Flamenco!

Afterward we wandered down to the river to view the decorated bum boats and enjoy the balmy night. We missed the actual bum boat parade which happens every night between 7.30pm and 8.30pm, but we could still see the boats decked out as hawker stalls, fishing villages and kopi stands. The river looked beautiful with all the lights from boat quay reflecting on the water and it was a lovely scene to show a visitor from out of town.

Mum commented that you wouldn't know there was a recession in Singapore as there were lots of people eating and drinking and enjoying the live music at IndoChine at the Asian Civilizations Museum. We too enjoyed a cocktail, while Ben climbed around and Maya begged to go back to watch more dancing.

For a complete rundown on events for the Singapore River Festival, go to my post here. There are events happening every night, and seems to be something for everyone, so do try to visit.


Traveling to Singapore said... @ June 22, 2009 at 6:50 AM

Great inputs!

True, there are lots of amazing sights, great shops and good food in Singapore. Just, don’t forget to bring your camera and video cam, so you won’t miss the fun and the great places, if you have plans of traveling to Singapore.

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