Today is Teachers' Day here in Singapore so all those hard working and underpaid teachers had a well deserved day off. I am always amazed at the dedication and energy my kids' teachers put into their work and I hope they know they are appreciated. I'm sure the teachers at the local schools are just as dedicated so I hope they have enjoyed their day off.

The lovely teachers at Chatsworth weren't fortunate enough to get a day off, but as it is only the second day back after the long summer holiday, I guess they didn't mind too much.

It was Ben's class orientation this afternoon so the parents were invited to come along for a presentation by the teachers. There are 11 new students in Year 2 this year, four of whom are in Ben's class, so it was important for those parents to get a feel of the school. The new children in Ben's class are from Finland, Japan, Canada/Singapore and Australia. That is truly an international mix!

It will be Children's Day on the first October, and then Boss's Day on the 16th. Boss's Day?? Surely it's children's day every day, and as for Boss's Day, this must be the most blatant Hallmark Holiday of them all.


A Mother Always said... @ September 1, 2009 at 8:45 PM

The teachers in my daughter's school(secondary) actually put up a hilarious skid for their students. My girl described it to me with such enthusiasm and showed teachers could be funny too. Definitely the girls appreciated it.

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