Maya the devil and Ben the Vampire

So how was your Halloween? I know it is not widely celebrated here in Singapore but I think the Singaporeans are coming around to the idea of dressing up in ghoulish costumes and wandering the streets looking for candy. There were many local families trick-or-treating around our neighbourhood on Saturday night, mostly with very small children.

We were delayed by the most frightening electrical storm I have experienced here in Singapore. Perhaps the stories circulating of Singapore having the highest rate of lightening strikes, and people's brains being fried by lightening didn't help, but when we saw one young girl dressed up as some cartoon character, with metal balls all over her walking through the flooded street with the lightening flashing overhead, we almost died. I guess her father, trailing behind her, just didn't want to disappoint.

We stuck it out until the lightening stopped before venturing out, and all the more spooky it was for it. I hung back at the house to hand out candy while the gang of a dozen kids with parents roamed around. Ben came back with an overflowing pumpkin, so heavy the handle almost broke off.

It was a great night despite the storm, or perhaps because of it. Some friends had a great time trick-or-treating in the Woodlands area, where they didn't get the storm. The candy there was all imported form the U.S apparently, no gummy worms and herbal candy for them!


Anonymous said... @ November 4, 2009 at 1:45 PM

Scary costumes. My dad always liked to joke about putting my mask back on when I'd just taken it off. I now tell the same joke to kids every halloween.

I'll be stopping by again...It's a bit different to my usual stop off for parenting stuff.

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