This video explains how to use the Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt software-it's very easy!

Maya's 10th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and we are trying to keep it as low key as possible this year. She says she is too old for a Go-Go Bambini or Fidgets party, and keeping an eye on all those girls ice skating just seems like too much trouble.

So we decided on a party at home this year, and thankfully, I have just discovered this very cool software which will make her party lots of fun. Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Clues has been so much fun to for me to play around that I can't wait to see the fun the kids will have at the party. The software, Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Clues, which I simply downloaded from the web, is designed to create puzzles and scavenger hunts for all ages.

First I went to the inventory and ticked all the objects in my home, such as beanbag, clock, bicycle and curtains and then I proceeded to the puzzle page. Here I specified the age range the children, the number of clues, if I want the hunt to be inside, outside, or both, and the background graphic of the clues.

With all the information, I then clicked "generate puzzle' and a list of clues was produced. I had the option to choose a different clue, some of which are rhyming,or to write my own. The clues for the older kids are obviously more difficult but even for the small children there are simple puzzles to solve. I chose the rhyming clues, such as "I absorb what is spilled, I polish some glass. I'm there for fried bacon, Then I'm tossed out at last."

As well as for birthday parties, Riddle Me can be used for special events like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, as a travel game or just simple a fun game to play with friends. The kids can even get involved with making up the riddles if they are old enough.

I also printed out party invitation and 'Thank you' cards using the software, so I am positive it will be a fun party. I am already having fun! Can you guess?

For more information on Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Clues, click here.


Moon Loh said... @ November 10, 2009 at 10:17 PM

My gal's birthday is coming soon too. But she is just 3 yrs old, think they are too small for the game right? :)
Watched the video but yet to really try it out. Maybe find some times to give it a try.

Milly said... @ November 11, 2009 at 3:23 AM

Hi Moon Loh,

There are simple questions designed for 3 year olds, such as "A machine for drying clothes". You would just have to read out the clues and give them hints if necessary. You can also make up your own clues and you can make the hunt quite short, say 5 clues so they don't get bored.
Also, you can choose different kinds of hunts, and one that may appeal to younger children is the nature hunt where they look for things like feathers and leaves, which could be done in the park.

Hope your little one has a great birthday!

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