Some of the tomb stones on display

If you are looking for something cultural to do with your children this weekend, don't miss the Quest for Immortality-The World of Ancient Egypt exhibition at the Singapore National Museum, which runs until 4th April, 2010. We visited recently and all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maya had learnt about how symbols are used to communicate at school last year, so she was fascinated by the beautiful hieroglyphics carved into the stone and written on the papyrus of the book of the dead. Of course the delicate mummies are the draw, but there are 230 artifacts spanning from 400BC to 950 CE in the exhibition, including jewelry, tools, pottery vessels, sculptures and the actual Sarcophagus', in which the mummies were housed.

One of the preserved mummies with clay vessels

The ancient Egyptians believed that death was a gateway to another eternal life. There were many rituals and preparations made to transport someone from this life to the next and to give them the best possible chance of a happy after-life. People were buried with possessions to show their wealth and amulets and charms to protect them against evil spirits, as well as vessels filled with food, wine and beer to make sure they had enough nourishment to get them there.

All the artifacts were selected from the major Egyptian and Near Eastern collection of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, and the exhibition is dramatically presented, with black walls and spotlights on the artifacts. There are images that will stay with you for a long time and it is a wonderful education for the children. I would love to go back during one of the free guided tours to get a more in-depth understanding of this quite amazing culture.

The kids enjoyed rubbing some hieroglyphics

Free Guided Tours (English)

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