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The Singapore Art Museum is coming alive this weekend with the Barrio Fiesta, a street fiesta held in Provincial Philippines to commemorate religious occasions. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich food, entertainment and arts of the Philippines. On both Saturday and Sunday there will be colourful entertainment, creative workshops, food from the twelve provinces of the Philippines and a flea market, known as a Tiangge.

One of the highlights will be the Santacruzan Procession (Saturday afternoon) ,a tradition passed to the Filipinos by the Spanish which has evolved into an elaborate beauty pageant.

The Santacruzan opening ceremony, from 5pm on Saturday, will feature the best of Filipino entertainment, including the NUS Ronalla performing folk music and the Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company performing the Ole de la Curra and Sevillanas Bolera, courtly 18th century dances.

As well as the wonderful dancing, it will be a rare chance to catch an ensemble of tremolo rondala instruments (bandurias, lauds, mandolins, guitars and contra basses) and the unique sounds they make together.

There will also be games for the kids and a concert by Noel Cabongan, one of the most talented and respected singer songwriters in the Philippines.

For all the details about the two day fiesta, go to the Singapore Art Museum website.

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