We have just had one of those whirlwind weekends that picks you up, shakes you around a bit, and dumps you out at the other end exhausted but content, happy and a few kilos heavier! My sister, Sophie and family were here, en-route from Lombok to Thailand and I can't believe I didn't take a single photo!

Sophie and Yarron have three daughters, Ajmer 12, Anousha 6, and Coco 4. They are all blond and so along with my two blondies we make quite a tribe. They live in Alice springs in the Northern Territory, which is surrounded by desert and the closest thing to a shopping experience is Kmart and Susan.

So Saturday afternoon was spent shopping on Orchard Road where the girls were in heaven, especially 6 year old Anousha who will most definitely be a fashion designer/model as she is so into clothes it's not funny. She found a pile of gorgeous clothes by label Gingersnaps in Takashimaya and wore her new outfits for the rest of the weekend. Sophie loved Zara, and we all found something there in the Sale.

Sunday was spent at Sentosa, where the kids had a go on the Luge and we relaxed and played frisbee at Palawan Beach (didn't enjoy the very loud and unnecessary music though). The kids also watched the 4D Magix film Pirates which they loved, although one of them (no names mentioned) came out with tears streaming down as it was too scary.

Twelve year old Ajmer had been dying for sushi all weekend so last night we devoured plate after plate of sushi and sashimi at Sushi Tei in Holland Village. They do have one sushi restaurant in Alice Springs, but not on the scale of Sushi Tei. It was a delicious treat. The sushi train kept the kids entertained and the restaurant was buzzing enough that our booth with five kids didn't disturb anyone.

Now things are quiet again I will miss those funny little girls, the retail bonding time, the eating and the talking. I hope it's not another year before I see them all again, although it may well be.


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