A childhood friend who I recently contacted via Facebook recently wrote that from the photos I had posted she was amazed at the likeness between Maya and myself; that it was like looking at old family photos from when we were kids.

I can't see it myself- Maya is much prettier than I ever was (and that's not false modesty), although there are a few photos where I can definitely see the resemblance, including this one. What do you think? A likeness? The first is me in 1974, aged 7 posing for the school photo. The second is Maya, seven years old with her cousin Njali.

Do you have any pictures that show the similarities between you and your kids at a similar age? It's a bit spooky when you start comparing! I would love for you to share with everyone, and you can add them as an attachment at the facebook page at www.facebook.com/singaporekidsplaces if you like. I don't have any baby photos of myself here in Singapore, but I would love to compare them one day.


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