Ben studying the rules of football

We took Ben down to United square on Sunday morning for the Match Attax tournament event . Match Attax cards are English Football cards which kids can collect and swap, much like baseball cards in America. Each card features a player from one of the Premier League clubs, each with points for Defense and Attack, depending on how good they are. Some of the players are in high demand such as Fernando Torres from Liverpool FC, who is one of the few in the "hundred club".

The players getting ready to start

We were expecting there to be a few kids milling around, but we arrived to find a queue for goody bags snaking around the central atrium. Last year there were forty children registered for the event, while this year the number escalated to over 400. The organisers where a little overwhelmed, although they should have been prepared as all competitors had to register before hand. We queued for over an hour before Ben received his goody bag and name tag.

It just goes to show how popular football (soccer) is in Singapore. Even in the Malaysian Match Attax tournament last week there were 300 odd children competing. The winner in each country goes on to play in the finals in London, which is a very exciting prospect for the kids.

Ben playing his best card-Fernando Torres, 101-1o1

Unfortunately Ben muddled up his team and lost both his games. He was very disappointed and it broke my heart to see him trying his hardest not to cry in front of all those big boys. Perhaps next year the players should be put in age groups, as Ben was playing a 12 year old.

Nevertheless, it was lots of fun for all the kids and I'm sure Ben will want to compete again next time round. I don't know who won the tournament yesterday, but congratulations whoever it was, and well done Ben for competing.


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