This is what we discovered behind the sofa

We are infested! This is not a happy subject to write about, but we have just found termites in the house. I am writing this as a warning, because if you are like me, you believe that these types of things won't happen to you, but eventually they do!

The lesson is to be vigilant and always take action if you suspect there may be termites in your home. The pest control man told me that you can't always see them but you may be able to hear the crackling noise behind the wall. Look for cracks and bubbling in wood, mud tubes on exterior walls or beams, wood that sounds hollow and the discarded wings of the swarmer termites.

The termites have started eating through the foam of the sofa

We get the pest control in regularly, but obviously they missed the termite nest under the stairs that was growing by the day. What we noticed was the hole in the back of the sofa! Yikes, where did that come from?? It has been two weeks since we pulled the sofa out from against the wall to clean, and that was time enough. They have eaten through the fabric and have made honey comb of the foam...luckily they haven't got to the wood yet. They are also in the power point and along the wall.

Termites are amazing creatures, although I can't study them too long before feeling queezy. When we disturbed them the soldier termites moved out to protect the colony and so we had wandering termites! Vacuuming is the easiest way to get rid of them, but the hoover bag must be thrown away immediately.

Termites don't just eat through wood but have no problem with paper, carpets, plastics such as plumbing pipes, insulation, supporting beams, flooring and fabric made from plants. They can cause a huge amount of damage in the house, so keep a look out! Make sure your pest control inspectors and really looking for signs of termites and not skipping corners, as ours obviously were. These little guys are a big pest!


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