The guest bloggers, front row (Leonny far left) with some of the guests

I managed to make it to the Nuffnang Bloggers' Symposium on Saturday and it was lots of fun. There were plenty of (very young) bloggers there as well as blog readers wanting to learn some photographic tips from their favourite bloggers.

The event was sponsored by Canon and three lucky people won a Canon Powershot S90s. Canon are marketing this camera as an excellent camera for bloggers as it is lightweight, compact and has some great features. Unfortunately didn't win so I will have to make do with my bulky, heavy Nikon Digital SLR!!

Anyway, the workshop I attended with Leonny from Our Everyday Things was very interesting. Leonny's blog, (if you haven't come across it yet please head there and take a look around) is full of beautiful photos, mainly of her two gorgeous children.

There are thousands of blogs that document the writer's children, but Leonny does it with a certain amount of style. Her photos, I now realise, are all photoshoped and have a very crisp, clean feel. She takes a lot of very close up pictures of her kids' faces, deleting all the rubbish that clutters up so many of my photos. She also uses contrasts to great effect, with white backgrounds which bring out the colours of the subjects.

Leonny demonstrating some camera functions

Leonny gave us some great tips and I was honoured that she used a photo from my blog to demonstrate how to enhance the qualities of a photo. The picture was taken on our first visit to Marina Barrage and it was a windy, dull day. Leonny enhanced the photo by cropping all the unnecessary background out, then she highlighted the children's' faces, and burnt the sky a little to counteract the brightening of the skin tone.

The enhanced photo, on the left, is much clearer and brighter.

These simple steps resulted in a much better photo-thanks Leonny! I realise now that a photo must tell a story and perhaps my photos miss that personal touch because I am too far away from the subjects. I am always interested in the places we visit, which is why this blog is called is Singapore Kid's Places, and not Milly's Kids. But it's the people that tell the story and make the photo interesting, so in future I will bear this in mind. I will also look into using photoshop to enhance my photography. What a joy to capture a perfect moment!


Leonny @ Our Everyday Things said... @ April 6, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Hi Milly,

Thanks for the kind words and review. Glad to have met you in person too!

I thought of sharing with you this photo tips post I wrote sometime ago, on 'composition'

(something that I didn't cover at the workshop because of the time limit :)

The 'rule of thirds' will help when you shoot for your blog since your photos will not be close up ones of your kids.

I have a category of 'Places to Visit' in my blog (, and posts under this category usually don't have many close-up shots of kids, because like your blog ... I want to show the 'surrounding' of the places that we visited (WITH the kids in there to make the photos more 'personal' somehow :)

Here are some references of photos where I show more of the surroundings:

Hope it helps :)

Happy snapping away ...

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