The four-storey slide at Terminal 3

The other day I took the kids plus a couple of Maya's friends to the airport. No, we weren't flying to some exotic location for a quick holiday, we were there to visit the giant slide and see if there was anything in the kiddy rides in Terminal 3 to interest them.

You could be forgiven for thinking you were in any number of Singapore Malls while walking around Terminal 3. Basement 2 especially has everything that would appeal to the locals: a Kopi Foodcourt with Vegetarian, Halal and Indian choices, convenience stores, boutiques and shopping carts selling jewelry and unusual items, Guardian and Watson's, a kids' corner with a TV that was full of adults, and a playground.

Some great food choices on Basement 2

It also has The Slide@T3. This four storey-high slide is 12 metres tall, and is the tallest in Singapore and in an airport worldwide. After signing a disclaimer, the kids were allowed to pass one-by-one through the glass door to go down the slide. I waited at the bottom, three floors down, for them to pop out the other end of the shiny silver tunnel. I loved their excited faces and they were definitely pleased with the slide.

There was a short queue for the shorter ride

To ride the slide you must be 1.3 metres tall, but there is another, shorter (and free) slide next to it for smaller kids (1.1 metres minimum). To ride the main slide you must spend $30 at the airport which entitles you to two tokens. It's a shame you can't buy a token without having to go shopping, but I suppose it is an added bonus if you have spent some money at the airport. And it is a very nice state-of-the-art touch which adds interest to the Terminal.

Ben rode the giant inflatable giraffe

We also visited the kiddy rides at Basement 2 Carpark. I didn't think there would be anything to interest 7 and 10 year olds, but I was wrong. The kids didn't want to leave.

The amusement area is cheerfully decorated and designed so there is something for everyone, from very small toddlers to adults (I had a go on the giant inflatable hippo). There are three different circuits, one for the toddlers who sit in little cars that an adult can steer with a remote control, the second is for slightly older children so they can enjoy driving the cars themselves, and the third is for the giant giraffe, lion and hippo cars.

I had a try on the giant pink Hippo

The giant inflatable animal cars can fit two people, so a parent can ride with a child, or you can strap the kids in and let them drive on their own. They don't go very fast and you can even walk along next to them, as one mother was doing.

The mini cars were a hit even though they don't go very fast for the bigger kids. The cars actually have two speeds and a reverse gear, so the kids can raced around the circuit. Even the ten year old girls fit into these cars, albeit with their knees up around their chins.

F1 racing

This is a fun way to kill some time if you are waiting for a delayed flight, and there is plenty of seating and space for luggage. On the way home Ben decided that he wanted to learn how to drive a real car, and proceeded to tell me how to drive.

The Slide@T3
Where? Level 1(Arrival Hall), Terminal 3 down the opposite end form the Carpark.
How much? Spend SG$30 at the airport to receive 2 tokens.
Who? You must be at least 1.3 metres tall.
When? Open from noon to 10.30pm daily.

Try the shorter, one-and-a-half story ride for free if you are over 1.1 metre tall.

Kiddy Rides
Where? Terminal 3, Carpark 3A, Basement 2.
How Much? Rides range between $3 and $8.
Who? Anyone from around 2 years to adult.
When? Open from 11am to 10pm daily.


Phoebe said... @ June 29, 2010 at 4:50 PM

Hello, I enjoyed reading your page and so many fun-filled activities for the kids. :) Very informative too. Thumbs Up!

Elaine said... @ August 2, 2010 at 12:27 AM

Hi Milly,

We frequent the airport for these activities too but I am scare of heights. Never tried the 4 storey slides!

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