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For an emerging reader it is important to keep up some sort of reading programme through the holidays. For children going to international schools especially, the summer holiday can be almost two months long. This long holiday is a great time to encourage your children to read a variety of materials that they may not have time to read during the school term. As long as the reading materials are age-appropriate, this can be a great opportunity to spark their imagination and develop a life-long love of reading.

Here are a few tips to create a fun reading programme for the holidays:

* Visit the bookstore, even if you’re not purchasing, to get an idea of what’s popular right now.

* Ask other parents what their kids are reading.

* Make a special trip to the library, get your child their library card and talk to a librarian.

* Browse the kids’ section of the library with your child and help them pick something interesting.

* Remember, reading doesn’t always require a “book” with all words and no pictures- pick up a variety of magazines, books, comic books, activity pads, anything that gets your child excited about reading!

* Make sure the reading material is age appropriate and a reasonable goal for your child’s reading level.

* Make a reading rewards chart, much like a chore chart, where they can mark off their reading goals, perhaps a star at the end of each chapter so you know how far they’ve gotten on their book … celebrate when they finish.

* Ask your child questions about what they’re reading. Do they like the book? Who are the characters in the story? What do they like best about the story?

* If the book is part of a series of some kind encourage them to read the following book when they finish the first one.

* Make bookmarks with your child, out of paper, plastic, cardboard string, beads, whatever you have lying around the house. Having your own special bookmark just makes reading more fun.


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