Many families enjoying the beach yesterday and Alvin Lee's workshop

We visited East Coast Park yesterday for a bike ride and to enjoy some fresh air, and I think most of Singapore had the same idea, enjoying the long-weekend. It was actually quite nerve racking as there were so many bike riders and skaters sharing the same path.

There were very small children learning with trainer wheels, tandem bikes, bigger kids chasing each other on their bikes, parents with small children in seats behind and up front, dogs in baskets, and in-line skaters weaving their way through the mess. I witnessed at least four collisions, including one between Ben and a little girl going too fast and loosing control.

But it was lots of fun, and plenty of interesting sights. I have never seen it so busy actually, with many large family groups having BBQ's, picnics and birthday parties. It was a perfect day for it-after so much rain it was cool and overcast so we really enjoyed the outing.

Ben helped Alvin build a tower

We rode to the sandcastle beach (next to East Coast Food Village) to enjoy Alvin Lee's very entertaining and inspiring sandcastle making workshop. I liked the way he used building a sandcastle as a metaphor for the journey of life-in organisations and in our personal life we are always building-be it relationships, self-confidence, services, knowledge or whatever, and with a good foundation anything is possible.

At the food court Maya and I enjoyed delicious coconuts while Ben had a fresh lycee ice drink-sweet and delicious. Our food was mediocre though; chicken sate and kway teow that was so red I was baffled as to how it could be such an unnatural colour- tomato sauce was the answer I got.

Xtreme Skate Park

We also passed the Xtreme Skate Park, which is popular with young skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX riders. This is a relatively new park, and monthly 'clinics' are held here for the enthusiasts to hone their skills. It's fun to watch and I could see that Ben was transfixed by the tricks the kids were doing (please don't grow up too fast Ben!).


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