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There is definitely a sub culture surrounding skateboarding and BMX biking and inline skating. I have never heard of the terms Skimboarding, Jumping Jacks, Pakour, Bossaball, or Sports Chanbara. All of these intriguing sports will be featured this weekend at the NYC Xtreme Champion's Cup, a two day event full of competitions and non-competition events.

There are opportunities for beginners as well as professionals to get involved in the extreme sports, with clinics, stage performances and competitions happening all weekend at the two Xtreme Skate Parks-one at Somerset, , the other at East Coast.

There will plenty for the general public to see. Tomorrow, July 10th the events take place at Somerset Skate Park, with stage performances of Sports Chanbara, Jumping Jacks and Parkour between 3pm-7pm, while competitions will go on all day.

On Sunday 11th July, everything will happen at East Coast Skate Park, with performances and competitions from 12noon to 9pm. Bands 'The Sallys" and "Postbox" will be performing and prizes awarded. Sounds like a lot of fun for teens and youths, with lots to see for the whole family.


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