Renae and Carly inspiring youngsters to love science

I can't remember science being fun when I was a kid, but these days science is not only fun to learn for kids but also awe inspiring. Kids love interactive tools, games and activities to make science subjects come to life and this week they get a chance to experience many amazing science experiments, games and theatre at the Kids' Science Fest at the National Library Building.

Featured will be the Magnetic Theatre, where kids will have the opportunity to operate their own magnetic puppets and props to produce their own play. Or they can find out how different plastics behave when exposed to heat. The kids will decorate plastic sheets and then shrink them in the oven-definitely not something to be done at home!

There is also The Cell Is A Very Busy Place Science Show performed by Renae and Carly from Scitech in Perth. These two lively girls will take you on a journey to discover the life of the human cell through some amazing demonstrations and interactions.

Some other interesting activities and demonstrations are the Light Piano, which plays without having to be physically touched, making straw musical instruments that actually play tunes, 3D picture gallery, using the Bernoulli Flower to discover the physics behind flight, learning about gravity and balance through mobile making, making bouncy balls from glue and discovering how to make a colourful maze, plus lots more.

Tons of fun for all and its all free!

Kids Science Fest
11th-14th August 2010
11am-5pm (closing 4.15pm on 14th)
National Library Building, Level 1
100 Victoria Street (City Hall or Bugis MRT)
Admission FREE


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